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Mercury is retrograde. Again. From July 26 to August 19, the messenger planet is driving in reverse, downing wi-fi signals, stirring up petty misunderstandings and creating general mischief with all things travel and schedule related. And just to add an extra layer of intensity, this backspin takes place in grandiose Leo. Because this could make meltdowns even more epic, double down on all the standard precautions like backing up data, leaving early for the airport, and not sending the 3AM text. Here’s how this Mercury madness could affect your zodiac sign. Consider yourself on notice!

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Lights! Camera! But, hold off on the action until August 19, Aries. With Mercury backspinning through your fifth house of fame, romance and public attention, you might not be as ready as you think for your close-up. Schedule a few extra rehearsals, dry-runs and band practices. It would be wiser to delay a launch or pitch meeting than to go in and fake it until you (don’t) make it. In love, take things slowly. Cupid could fire a few misleading arrows or churn up an old lover’s quarrel. “Reconciling” with an ex could take you back down that same old rabbit hole, and you could mistake a thirst trap for true love.



The future is female and so is your past, as Mercury retrograde reminds you. With the celestial socialite retreating through your woman-centric fourth house, reunions will be extra sentimental for the coming few weeks. And with family drama intensifying under this transit, these get-togethers will be a welcome distraction. If you’re ready to bury the hatchet with a relative, however, extend the olive branch and let the peace talks begin. Go easy on the home renovations! Retrograde Mercury can skew your creative vision. (Maybe mixing mid-century with modern gothic isn’t the best idea?) Save it to a Pinterest board until August 19.



Hold the Tweetstorm, Gemini, and take tea off the menu until August 19. This Mercury retrograde is a double-whammy for you, as your sharp-tongued cosmic ruler moonwalks through your communication zone. Anything you say, text (or sext) could come back to haunt you. Plus, if 2018 taught a Gemini anything, it’s that you never know who’s recording the conversation. To make the most of this cycle, use it for what it’s good for: all “re” activities, like researching, refining and reconnecting with old friends. Maybe it’s time to dust off that half-finished screenplay or sign up for a class to help you hone a digital skill. Your efforts could yield profits after Mercury corrects course on August 19.



Money management isn’t necessarily a thrilling summer activity, but start combing over those statements and reconfiguring your budget. With Mercury backtracking through your second house of finances until August 19, you could discover an “accounting error” in your bills-to-brunches ratio and need to tighten up that belt. But don’t let this temporary restriction derail your ambition. This retrograde is an ideal time to reconnect with people you worked with in the past. Scour LinkedIn to see who’s been making their way up the ranks; then, schedule drinks to catch up and strategically talk shop. Necessity is the mother of invention, so drum up some creative financing ideas like bartering or pooling funds for a group investment.



Shhhh! Your roar may need some restorative therapy over the coming few weeks as vocal Mercury spins retrograde in your sign. While you don’t have to disappear on a silent retreat, you may crave more quiet time to reflect and digest all the new energy that’s flooded in to your universe in 2018. Plus, Mercury’s moonwalk through Leo could lead to more than the usual number of misunderstandings (and gaffes). To ensure that your important messages don’t get lost in translation, edit, remix and get a second opinion before you unleash!



Swaddle yourself among supportive friends. With your galactic guardian retreating through your twelfth house of healing and transitions until August 19, you could find yourself nursing some old wounds. Don’t resist the emotions, painful though some of them may be. Mercury’s plunge into deeper waters can help you get to the heart of the matter and make it all better for good. Creativity will be super cathartic now. Sign up for that ceramics class, take guitar lessons or learn how to macramé. Music soothes the savage Virgo, but if you update your audio system, make sure it comes with a solid warranty, since the retrograde can make gadgets go glitchy.



Slackers in the Scales Squad? Group dynamics could get complicated as Mercury retrograde muddies the waters of your communal eleventh house. From bridesmaids to bandmates, your go-to crew could start acting up! Or, Libra, are they acting out? Now’s the time to have those nakedly candid conversations to make sure that you haven’t made any wrong assumptions or naively overstepped bounds. (Oops!) If people haven’t been pulling their weight, you need to hold them accountable. Lean in to your trademark diplomacy and peacekeeping skills to make sure these discussions don’t go off the rails. Pro tip: Drum up creative solutions to suggest before you engage in dialogue. This retrograde could be particularly deleterious to your technology and gadgets. Keep the coffee mug away from your laptop and make sure all your data is locked down behind strong passwords, firewalls, and encryptions.



Keep it profesh, Scorpio! With messenger Mercury backing up through your career zone, you don’t want to stray from company policy or push the envelope too far between now and August 19. Clashes with colleagues could get heated fast, so do your part to de-escalate when you feel tempers start to flare. You may realize that your goals are out of sync with the people you work with and that something needs to be fine-tuned. Wait until after the retrograde before calling the recruiters and circulating your resume, since the friction may clear up by the end of summer. Since retrogrades revive the past, you might reach out to clients and bosses from back in the day. A successful sequel could be in the stars for the two of you, or perhaps they can point you to a profitable opportunity.



No, Sagittarius, you shouldn’t pour another round of truth serum. On the average day, you’re already prone to “foot in mouth disease,” but with retrograde Mercury moonwalking through your candid ninth house, you could do major damage with those unfiltered remarks. Between now and August 19, keep unprocessed thoughts on mute (or process them with your therapist first) and be more observant than outspoken. You could have a total shift of perspective-or just get more confirmation that your instincts were spot-on to begin with. This retrograde could scramble signals with summer travel plans. Forget spontaneity: triple-confirm your reservations, bring an extra form of I.D. and leave earlier than usual for the airport. Going international? Cue up the translation app and try making requests in the native language.



Stop: Don’t send that sext! Sexual signals could scramble in deeply uncomfortable ways as Mercury retrogrades through your erotic eighth house. You can’t take too many precautions between now and August 19, especially when it comes to sharing the intimate details of your life. Have you been holding a torch? This retrograde could bring a round two with an old flame, or give you a second chance to woo a “missed connection.” There may be friction with romantic and business partners, forcing you to discuss touchy topics. Awkward for sure, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel better getting everything out in the open-and spelled out clearly, especially when it comes to the time and money you share.



Forget 50/50. If you want important relationships to sail smoothly during this year’s Mercury retrograde, you’re going to have to bring 100 percent of your best self to the table. Trouble is, the messenger planet is getting wonky in your seventh house of relationships until August 19. This could shorten your fuse with everyone from your S.O. to a business partner to one of your best friends. And when you try to have “an honest talk” about what’s bugging you, they could blow everything out of proportion. As aggravating as it may be, you might just have to cut your people a little slack this summer. At the very least, choose your battles! Maybe you quietly pick up some extra socks and do a few extra loads of dishes. It’s not “fair,” but at least you’ll have more leverage when it comes to hashing out the bigger topics like, “Hey, when are we going to move in together?”



Not to put too fine a point on it, but with Mercury retrograde in your persnickety sixth house, every detail counts! Until August 19, don’t hit “send” or “post” or “buy now” until you’ve thoroughly edited, researched and fact checked the deal. Sync all your calendars to avoid double-booking-and if your schedule is consistently getting screwed up, maybe it’s time to hire a part-time virtual assistant? The office environment could get tense under this starmap, so do your part to keep team morale high. Who better than you, Pisces, to organize a fun escape, like an impromptu pizza party or ice cream break in the park? This is a stellar time to go back and review paperwork (is it time to amend a contract?) and hack a new digital filing system. This retrograde could spur you to take better care of your health, but avoid fad diets and warm up before your workouts.

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