Now that we’re finally getting settled into quarantine (kind of), it’s time to recreate a work environment that suits our new normal. For ELLE’s editors, that means kickstarting the day with a cup of cold brew, upgrading ourselves to the hottest tech drop, and MacGyvering a laptop battle station that doesn’t cramp our backs or style. Take a look at the eighteen office essentials cosigned by our WFH staff, ahead.

iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard



“I recently upgraded to the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard and it’s been an absolute game changer, as they both have all the functionality of an iPad and a laptop. I am very happy I made this upgrade especially as I navigate this new work from home reality.”– Nina Garcia, Editor-In-Chief

Wicked Good Slippers



“Real shoes? What are those? Under normal circumstances I’d be switching out my winter boots for my leather slides but the double whammy of COVID-19 and an unseasonably cold April has me living in these babies all day long. They’re like the grown-up version of bunny slippers—fluffy on the inside, all ’70s vibes on the outside.”– Katie Conner, Digital Director 

Coffee Brewer

Technivorm Moccamaster


“A great cup of coffee is the best way to start your work day. This is the best coffee maker on the planet—and looks quite nice in the kitchen as well. Drunken in my Royal Copenhagen blue fluted mug, a little bit of extravagance goes a long way in enjoying every-day routines. This mug elevates my morning sweat suit look as well. I like my morning coffee the same way the Royal Danish family does.”– Martin Hoops, Design Director

G2 Gel Pens



“It’s the little things, right? These Pilot G2 pens have been my favorite for a while now—so damn smooth and reliable—and they’ve held steady during this quarantine. They’re perfect for writing my daily and weekly to-do list (don’t judge, I’m a Capricorn) as I diligently note and cross-off items, pretending that yes, everything is fine, this is all fine. Most of my routine might have been upended, but at least my pens aren’t going anywhere.”— Madison Feller, Digital Staff Writer

Two-Tone Glass Carafe



“Drink more water! It’s so easy to brew another pot of coffee at home, but next thing you know you’re six cups in, it’s 4PM and you’re wired, unable to focus, and not wearing pants on Zoom. I usually carry around a giant Hydro Flask at the office, but now that I’m home nothing encourages hydration more than a chic carafe. I fill mine with lemons and berries to feel fancy, even if I haven’t showered in days.” — Justine Carreon, Digital Senior Market and E-Commerce Editor

Harmonize Powder



“I could not survive without my coffee and ‘Harmonize’ fermented Ashwagandha powder added to my daily shake from Clean.” — Alex White, Fashion Director 

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case



“I’m quarantining with my boyfriend, so having a good pair of headphones to do Zoom meetings and Slack calls with is essential so he doesn’t have to hear all my calls or any videos I’m playing while doing my job. These AirPod Pros have been great with their noise cancellation mode and overall transportability. I can transition seamlessly from my laptop to my phone via Bluetooth, knowing I will be heard and the quality of the audio overall will be solid. Bonus perk: These are great for afternoon quarantine break walks.”– Alyssa Bailey, Digital News and Strategy Editor

Portable Laptop Lap Desk with Handle



$22.60 (16% off)

“Figuring out my laptop desk has been one of the bigger woes of my WFH situation. I’ve tried the “Pillow mountain method” of stacking a million throw pillows to create a little desk on the couch. I’ve even tried the Carrie Bradshaw situation of lying on my stomach and typing on my bed. But then, I got to thinking… Was I missing out on the one true item I needed in my life? Was the perfect laptop tray there all along (sitting in my Amazon cart)? I finally checked out and have received my new love, the Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk. ~And they worked happily ever after.”– Chloe Hall, Digital Beauty Director

One-Shoulder Bra Top



“I feel like a true “adult” when I change out of my sleep leggings into workout clothes for my daily Zoom meetings—even when I inevitably spill coffee all over them. Aritzia’s sweats are affordable, look chic as hell, and offer the motivation I need for a quick flow during my lunch break.”— Julie Kosin, Digital Senior Culture Editor

mGRIP Suction Cup Holder Mount



“I constantly use my iPhone arm. I suction it to the window next to my desk so I can Zoom or watch an IG live without taking up window space on my laptop, or I can produce my own IG live with the window in front of me as my lighting.”– Katie Becker, Beauty and Health Director 

High-Waist Airbrush Capri

Alo Yoga


“These leggings have been a savior!  I had not bought a pair of leggings in years and realized I would be home for a while, so I wanted to invest in a few good pairs to put into rotation. I bought these in a few colors and have been wearing them every day. For lounging, working on school work with the kids, daily bike rides with the family and the weekly trip the grocery store, they’re perfect.”– Alexis Wolfe, Market & Accessories Director 

The Starling



“I was sent these slippers a few weeks ago, after I’d been shuffling around in a literally down-at-heel pair of sandals in self-isolation. They work on both the style and substance levels: they add a little 1930’s Hollywood to my WFH wardrobe (which, to be clear, is entirely sweats) and they’re comfortable enough for the inordinate amount of pacing I do on conference calls these days. I’ve even convinced myself that when I’m allowed to socialize with humans again, I can pass them off as evening wear.”– Veronique Hyland, Fashion Features Director

Slabada Knitwear Matching Set

The Knotty Ones


“The ultimate WFH sweat pant ensemble alternative is this knit set. It is cozy and easy. It feels put together and more like an outfit as the sweater and pants are matching and the leg has a bit of a flare; They’re suitable for Zoom calls or infrequent outings to the grocery store or pharmacy.”– Sarah Zendajas, Senior Fashion Editor

Cold Brew Coffee Jug



“My husband and I don’t have any kitchen gadgets for the sake of space, not even a coffee maker. The one necessary item we do have is our cold brew coffee jug! It’s honestly essential for WFH. You just add ground coffee beans and filter water, let it sit in your fridge over night and you have ice coffee for three to five days.”– Jade Vallerio, Accessories Editor

Classic Black Cover Sketchbook



“My sketchbook is my go-to companion while working from home. It helps me to visualize and map out the sections of an upcoming print issue. Quickly sketching up initial concepts and layouts help both myself and the editors visualize the potential of their sections–which helps kick off initial conceptual conversations regarding art for their stories. Doing so, helps myself and the rest of the art department plan out commissioned collages and photoshoots for the whole issue.”– Julianna Danielson, Designer

Stranger Glasses

QUAY X Chrissy


“Now that in-person appointments have been replaced with Zoom meetings (so many Zoom meetings), I’ve committed to wearing my blue light glasses anytime I’m looking at a screen. Blue light glasses not only protect your eyes from strain and damage—they also protect the delicate skin around your eyes, which is the first to show signs of aging and the most easily damaged by harmful light waves.”– Margaux Anbouba, Associate Beauty Editor 

Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatsuit

Lou & Grey


“Lou & Grey’s Signaturesoft set feels as it was made from the soft, lived-in fleece blanket I sleep with every night. I’ve lived in this set from the moment it arrived at my door. Multiple washes later, it’s buttery soft fabric is just as warm and comforting as the first time. It makes me feel like I have my life together and is Zoom-appropriate so I’m comfortable all day long.”– Nerisha Penrose, Digital Assistant Editor 

Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre


“Just the slightest bit of excessive noise bothers me, whether it was my neighbor above me doing burpees (we’ve become friends now), or, now that I have relocated home, all of the calls my mom takes on speaker phone. So to help me stay focused and get stuff done, I cannot do without my Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. And when the battery needs to be charged on these, I switch to Apple AirPods— talk about being prepared!”— Kia D. Goosby, Fashion Editor, Hearst Fashion Group

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