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Pokémon is really having a moment, with Detective Pikachu out in theaters (cute and better than you’d think, but a little thin on actual Pokémon-on-Pokémon battles) and Pokémon Go still a thing with the youngs. But if you want something chill, nostalgic, and manageable to get through in a weekend, Nintendo Switch’s Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu games (choose your starter, though Eevee is obviously better) are pretty great. I had a blast getting all the badges, petting my Eevee, which I decked out in cute clothes, and putting all that encyclopedic Pokémon knowledge I had from my childhood to use. This game isn’t hard, but it’s fun and light, just as Memorial Day weekend should be. Save the frustrating games for later!

The Nintendo Switch itself is portable, so you can keep playing if you’re on the road or just hanging out at the beach or the park. Ariana Grande, by the way, once spent 15 hours playing this game on a day off  (“honestly.” she tweeted) so it’s celeb-endorsed. —Alyssa Bailey, News and Strategy Editor

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