The internet brings people together! Or, at least, it brings people from wildly different realms of celebrity together. Most recently: rapper 50 Cent and Vanderpump Rules hostess extraordinaire, Lala Kent.

The two are connected through Kent’s fiancé Randall Emmett, who is an executive producer on Power, the Starz crime drama that 50 stars in. Not that fans of 50 or Vanderpump knew any of this until Sunday, when the three started going at each other in Instagram captions, comments, tweets and texts, all of which were screengrabbed and many of which were misspelled.

According to TMZ, it all started when 50 posted a now-deleted Vanderpump clip on his Instagram. The clip showed Kent telling fellow cast member Stassi Schroeder about the beginning of her relationship with her producer fiancé.

2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - Creative Perspective

Lala Kent, wearing half of a lime green glove, hugs her fiancé Randall Emmett.

George PimentelGetty Images

“He would just send me, like, really expensive gifts,” Kent says in the clip. “The first night we banged, I got a car the next day. He was like, ‘Do you want a Range Rover?’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’” 50 captioned something nasty; Kent fired back.

Things escalated quickly. As People reports, Kent shared on her IG story that she felt 50 was diminishing the validity of the #MeToo movement. “That I will not stand for,” she said. “If you have been affected by a man like 50, do not be quiet. We’re not going to be silenced. I have your back. And we need to let these f—ers know that they are not safe. Because once they think they’ve silenced us, we are all f—ed.”

50 responded, again in a comment that has since been deleted: “Hey how is the Range Rover? There’s no difference between Harvey Weinstein and Randel Emmett! This is reality, not reality TV. Bravo Bitch @bravo.” But the real source of the squabble was a festering disagreement between Emmett and 50, who go way back, as demonstrated by this excellent pic from 2006.

2006 Cannes Film Festival - de Grisogono Party

Emmett and 50 in Cannes in 2006.

J. VespaGetty Images

50 claims that Emmett owed him a million dollars, and he was coming to collect. As outrageous as that previous sentence seems to those of us who will never cross paths with one million dollars, it also seems like it might be true; 50 posted many corroborating receipts and screengrabs of texts between himself and Emmett. There was back and forth about wire transfers, and $250K, and people asking one another to be in their weddings. (If you are really loving all these itty bitty details, Twitter user @loveandyc has a comprehensive thread of the drama.)

Emmett, for his part, said he was so upset by everything that he claimed to be heading to the the hospital. “I’m sorry fofty,” he wrote. 50 was not moved by Rand’s pleas.

The internet however, was. Fellow Bravo devotee Chrissy Teigen chimed in, Tweeting, “I never ever want 50 cent to be mad at me” and “please love me fofty.”

Ever the internet mediator, Teigen’s comment seemed to calm 50 down a skosh. He replied on Instagram:

And then, just like that, it was over. A rep for 50 confirmed to People he’d gotten his money. “Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson AKA Fofty has confirmed that the 1 million dollars debt owed has been paid in full.”

50 also posted on Instagram (and then deleted): “I got my money, so I have no problem with Randall Emmett, in fact I’m wishing him and his family a very blessed day. Positive vibes now guys.” Now he can get back to watching Bravo.

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