Sandra Oh has already found her way into America’s hearts through decades of work (Under the Tuscan Sun is a win that rarely gets the credit it deserves). But her appearance as a first-time host on Saturday Night Live on Saturday might just have made it up there on her best performances list. Here’s a look at the wild and gut-busting night she had on the show, a turn that maybe even rivals one of her favorite sketches, the indelible “Dick in a Box.”

Opening Monologue

This was Oh’s opportunity to give tribute to her background as a Korean-Canadian and to make a joke or two at the expense of both countries. “It’s hard for me to accept compliments because I’m Canadian…the Canadian response to a compliment is ‘sorry.'” She went on, saying that “being Asian means deflecting praise.” Since becoming an American citizen a year ago, Oh says she has been working on that American way of accepting compliments with confidence. There’s only one person for that tutorial: Leslie Jones.

Future Self

Roseanne Roseannadanna, Mary Katherine Gallagher, and Debbie Downer, meet Tishy. This original character, complete with her can of Four Loko and an arm cast, deserves to be in your company.


Oh is one of several women in this sketch, but any glimpse we can have of her as a loaded socialite dripping with diamonds is a pure treasure.

The Duel

If you like period dramas, but you have a weak stomach, then the decision to watch this sketch is really a toss-up for you. Then again, it’s like a period film mixed with fake blood and the lesson plan for the first day of a gender studies class. So, watch it.

Louise’s Birthday

This one is really about Kate McKinnon, but it is pretty great to watch her, as an old lady, take Oh’s hand and explain the power and magic of kissing. Not as great as her 2008 video confessing her love to Gillian Anderson, but close.

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