This has been a huge week for those of us who have a Google Alert for “What is Chris Evans doing? (Now or after The Avengers)” Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter released a lengthy interview with the former Captain America in which he revealed that he wants to be in a musical “badly.” “Someone told me they’re [remaking] Little Shop of Horrors and I was like, ‘Oh, can I be down? Please? Can I be the dentist?’” Remaking Little Shop is a sacrilege but I’d allow it to see Evans ham it up and belt. As anyone who caught his non-singing turn in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World knows, Evans can do comedic villainy in his sleep. Also? He’s hot so he can basically do whatever he wants.

Apparently, whatever he wants also includes wading into the world of political blogging. The actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s hard at work on starting a site called A Starting Point that aims to “create informed, responsible and empathetic citizens.” I have a lot of questions about this.

One, political blogging? Wow. Why are you so obsessed with me?

Two, are you accepting pitches? Perhaps from someone who has a Sexy Bucky Barnes costume from last Halloween and also a lot of opinions?

Three, hmmm. Not that this isn’t well-intentioned but I’m not sure anyone ever looked at the internet and said, “What this place needs is more politics.” Evans is over here pouring a LaCroix into the ocean and declaring “Ah yes. Now it’s wet.”

I suppose it makes sense for Cap to venture into a political realm, however, considering how often he uses his Twitter platform to express strong opinions about the president, the administration’s policies, and potato chips.

Evans ventured to DC in February and March to conduct interviews with politicians from both sides of the aisle for A Starting Point. Many praised his journalistic style which, I presume, means he didn’t start every interview the way I would which is by sighing “Ugh, why are you like this?” To be honest, I’m very eager to see the final product. Can you imagine staring into Chris Evans’ beautiful symmetrical face and not immediately agreeing with everything he has to say?

There’s no official launch date for A Starting Point yet, so for now Chris Evans is just the hottest, beardiest recently retired guy puttering away on a blog.



(Let me know about that Bucky Barnes thing, Chris; feel free to DM or call or email. Actually, I’ll just show up at the office. See you Monday!)

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